Ivan started a mochi ice cream business in 2012 after a devastating bankruptcy on his first business. He began supplying the mochi ice cream door-to-door to hotels, restaurants, and cafes in Jakarta.

cara membuat mochi es krim

All went well until he met a British chef who particularly inquired the ingredients of the ice cream. Ivan let the chef knew that the ice cream was made of ice cream premix. The chef was disappointed beyond words, but yet very kind at the same time. He suggested Ivan to make mochi ice cream filled with custard-style hard ice cream using excellent quality of egg yolk, milk, cream, sugar, and other natural ingredients

Obliged to chef's suggestion, Ivan began hundreds of ice cream experiment on vanilla ice cream at his mother's kitchen. He made vanilla ice cream using vanilla beans and soon discovered himself charmed by the exquisite flavor of vanilla and creamy/velvety texture of fine home-made ice cream. Never in his life that he tasted vanilla ice cream that good. From that moment, crafting excellent ice cream has become his passion while spreading it to the world becomes his mission

To achieve his mission, Ivan teams up with Ade (who later becomes co-owner of Miwaku) to continuosly improve both business process and recipe so that Miwaku Mochi Ice Cream becomes a masterpiece ~ a piece of happiness that may refresh mood to whoever eats it.

As business grows, so does the machineries and Miwaku's teams. We had to move to a bigger production facility by 2017 in order to accomodate the market demands. Today, Miwaku is able to produce up to 245.000 pieces of mochi ice cream per month.
Nevertheless, we never stop perfecting our recipes. Because we always want to make everyone happy, that's why we sell ice cream.


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